What is the Track & Field Athletes Association (TFAA)?

The Track and Field Athletes Association (TFAA) is a 501(c)(4) organization formed to support the rights and interests of professional track and field athletes.

Numerous national and international organizations are chartered to advance and promote the sport of track and field. Unfortunately none of these organizations represent the collective interests of the elite, professional athletes that make the sport viable.


The short and long term goals of the TFAA include:

  • Revenue Sharing: Negotiate with national and international governing organizations, sponsors, and meet organizers to adequately compensate athletes for the value they create. This includes establishing minimum payments for professional athletes on the circuit.
  • Olympic Fairness: Represent the interests of athletes at the Olympics with respect to payment for participation, sponsorship rights, and restrictions.
  • Reasonable Logo Rules: The current logo rules severely limit how athletes show a return on investment to their sponsors. These rules must change to reflect reality.
  • Alternative Track and Field Events: Work to promote alternative venues and events for track and field in order to broaden the fan base.
  • Athlete’s Image: Currently, an athlete’s image can be used by organizations to promote or sell an event; however in many cases the athlete can't even use the image without permission.
  • Collective Bargaining: In many of the situations mentioned above, change will occur as a result of a unified, collective voice negotiating in good faith.
  • Mentoring: What's a good contract? How much should you pay your agent? Who do I need to speak with about insurance? Is this a good idea? Mentors do more than just answer simple questions. They pass on information to the next generation.
  • Retirement Planning: We want all of our members to have some long-term financial security to show for the years of hard work.

Anyone Can Become a Member

The TFAA has two categories of membership: Athlete Members and Supporting Members.

To determine if you should be categorized as an Athlete Member, you must be able to answer yes to one of the following questions:

  1. Have you competed at a National Championships event?
  2. Do you receive income as a professional track and field athlete?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you're most likely eligible to join the TFAA as an Athlete Member. However, anyone may become part of the TFAA by joining as a Supporting Member.

All you need to do is register at http://trackandfieldathletesassociation.org/register.php. Membership fees are $20 per year.


The Track & Field Athletes Association Officers and Board Members are:

Khadevis Robinson, TFAA President
Khadevis Robinson
Adam Nelson
Adam Nelson
Vice President
Sanya Richards
Sanya Richards
Board Member
Ann Gaffigan
Ann Gaffigan
Jon Drummond
Jon Drummond
AAC Chair
Interim Coordinator
Liaison to TFAA
Dexter McCloud
Dexter McCloud
AAC Secretary
Liaison to TFAA

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