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posted on November 7, 2011 at 11:31am CST

Picky Bars

Yesterday morning, Lauren Fleshman was approached by race officials at the ING New York City Marathon and told that the temporary tattoos of her own company, Picky Bars, were illegal and must be taken off. In Lauren's words:

"I had a bit of a traumatic pre-race experience. I misunderstood the rules of the marathon. I thought I could promote Picky Bars with a body tattoo because in some races you can. But with it being a World Marathon Majors, I can't. So I had a doctor with alcohol pads chafing the crap out of my arms, legs and back. It took about 20 minutes and because of it I only had 8 minutes to warmup. It's my fault because I had the rule book, but it is kind of stupid. I can't even promote my own company."

This is yet another case in which athletes' rights and promotional opportunities are completely stifled for the benefit of the governing body. As Lauren's fellow athletes, it's time to take action. For all of today and for longer if you wish, we urge you to do some or all of the following:

1) Tweet about Picky Bars. The username is @pickybars. Even if you've never tried one, say "Wow @PickyBars are awesome!" Anything to get it some exposure. HASHTAG your tweet with #WeAreUSATrack&Field.

2) Post on Facebook about Picky Bars. It can be as simple as posting "PICKY BARS." If people start to see this post by athletes in their news feed, they will start to pay attention.

3) EVEN BETTER - Post a link to Picky Bars' website:, urging everyone to check out Lauren's yummy, healthy and gluten free snacks.

4) EVEN BETTER - Change your profile picture on Twitter and Facebook to the attached Picky Bars logo. We will flood everyone's timelines and news feeds with Picky Bars' logo!

As for the TFAA, we will be issuing a statement that will go up on our website as well as changing our own logo to the Picky Bars logo temporarily in support of Lauren and in support of all athletes having the right to promote using their own skin.


More on Lauren's experience before the start of the race yesterday from the New York Times.

And from her interview with Flotrack (Skip to about 2:20 in the video):

Watch more video of Lauren Fleshman on

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