Pingpong in track field?

Psychologically, when you decide to host a ping pong match in a track fiend, the reflex action in the mind of the players is a physically intensive game- the main reason table tennis is hosted alongside the Olympic games. In addition, the marks on the track field are done with erasable chalk dust which can easily be redone to accommodate the ping pong game. Naturally, the center of the track field is always clear from any activity, unlike football where the entire field is used, the athletics can run concurrently with the ping pong game to save on time.

Why should a ping pong player wait for a 10,000 marathon of both men and women to end before he can tackle his opponent? Use the center part of the track field. Will your fans have a chance to cheer you? Of course, yes. In a standard stadium, the arena for participants is on a higher level with a barrier to accommodate the team and the manager while the rest of the rounded part of the stadium is left for spectators.


Ping Pong equipment occupies a small space hence at the middle of the track field; you can have many ping pong games running concurrently. Remember, a standard track field is designed to accommodate all the relays, marathons and triple chase games. Space is more than enough to host the ping pong game.


In sports, it has been studied that most fans who love athletics are always a fan of table tennis, when you host the two concurrently or in the same field, you are sure of an influx of participants, even of some of them came to just watch athletics; they will have a reason to stay longer to watch table tennis.


Ping pong for an event is a marketing tool, sponsors compete to offer their sponsorship deals to table tennis teams and events. The huge attraction in active and passive form makes them advertise their products and services as well as improve their global presence. With the era of social media, constant sharing of photos and discussing the ping pong event in a track field makes it a viral discussion on the internet.


Interested parties and stakeholders especially in marketing would love to know the uniqueness of the marketing strategy which made the event so popular- the main goal of any marketing strategy.


Ping Pong on a track field is not a new idea to sports lovers, but to event organizers, it can open more avenues and stimulate their thinking levels to come with the same idea, as a test on whether it will increase participation for their event.


Hosting a ping pong event in a track field makes your participants have more fun, in fact instead of them participating in the table tennis, they will demand a session of relays for competition among various groups or just to mimic some of the moves of renowned artists. What a funny way of changing a ping pong event, to an athletics event! Check out detailed reviews here and know how to choose from all the best table tennis equipment and track fields for your upcoming event.