American Track League, TFAA announce new phase in their partnership

American Track League TFAA Partnership

The Track and Field Athletes Association and the American Track League are announcing a new phase in their partnership. Meets of the American Track League will require that participants in the elite events be active members of the TFAA in good standing. The new phase of the partnership helps solidify the structure necessary to grow our sport of individuals into a consolidated group of professionals capable of working together to grow the sport. Such partnerships are common in other individual sports like golf and tennis. However, this partnership marks the first time that a professional track and field circuit has sought and agreed to such an arrangement. The American Track League is the first such circuit to actively seek a partnership with an independent athletes’ association.

“The TFAA and the ATL are two entities that are gaining momentum and this arrangement helps solidify their commitment to assisting in each other’s development”, says Paul Doyle, director of the ATL.

TFAA member Brad Walker, a former World Champion says that “This partnership is long overdue. Anything that can help the TFAA develop a more active membership gives the athletes a stronger united voice to make a change in the sport.”

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