Why did you join the TFAA?

This being my first year professionally in the sport, I realize how much I enjoy it and would like to do it for as long as possible. For me, this means learning as much as I can from older athletes and listening to what they have to say about how to improve and ensure the quality of the sport for the future. I believe that this organization is a great medium for athletes of all stages in their careers to let their voices be heard and understood by others and their problems be worked out so that everyone can move forward together.

- Bridget Franek

Athlete Members:

Any athlete that has declared himself or herself a Professional Athlete and who competes at their Indoor or Outdoor National Championships or finishes in the top 20 at their National Cross-Country Championships, Road Race Championship or Race Walk National Championship can be an Athlete Member of the TFAA.

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Current Athlete Members:

Joe Kovacs, United States

Nicholas Arciniaga, USA

Amy Begley, USA

April Bennett, USA

Annie Bersagel, USA

Brandon Bethke, USA

Matthew Blakemore, USA

Aaron Braun, USA

Joel Brown, USA

Amber Campbell, USA

tiana davis, USA

Sharon Day-Monroe, USA

Lashinda Demus, USA

Suzy Favor Hamilton, USA

Allyson Felix, USA

Hyleas Fountain, USA

Bridget Franek, USA

Justin Frick, USA

Ann Gaffigan, USA

Alia Gray, USA

Alana Hadley, USA

Natasha Hastings, USA

Kristin Heaston, USA

Garrett Heath, USA

Britney Henry, USA

Lesley Higgins, USA

MacKenzie Hill, USA

Molly Huddle, USA

Bershawn Jackson, USA

Jed Jackson, USA

Allen James, USA

Michael Jaqua, USA

Funmilayo Jimoh, USA

Kibwe Johnson, USA

Lolo Jones, USA

Craig Kinsley, USA

Christopher Landry, USA

Lionel Larry, USA

Magdalena Lewy Boulet, USA

Katie McGregor, USA

Miesha McKelvy-Jones , USA

Erica Ashley McLain, USA

Alysia Montano, USA

David Neville, USA

Darren Niedermeyer, USA

David Oliver, USA

Melinda Owen, USA

Kara Patterson, USA

Matt Pelletier, USA

Meghan Peyton, USA

Brittney Reese, USA

Catherine Robbie, USA

Kurt Roberts, USA

Moushaumi Robinson, USA

Matt Scherer, USA

Adonis Singletary, USA

Carl Stones, USA

Nicholas Symmonds, USA

Matthew Tegenkamp, USA

Aretha Thurmond, USA

Stephanie Trafton, USA

Terrence Trammell, USA

Matthew Turner, USA

Gina Valgoi, USA

Kellie Wells, USA

Mary Wineberg, USA

Russ Winger, USA

Supporting Members of the TFAA:

Who can be a Supporting Member of the TFAA? Anyone! We are so appreciative of the following members' support of the athletes and of the sport of track & field!

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Andrew Armiger, USA

Tony Benson, USA

Phillip Bond, n/a

Jeff Caron, USA

Aaron Cattell, USA

Jeffrey Chan, USA

Brian Cunningham, USA

Josh Glass, USA

David Greifinger, USA

Christopher Gunderson, USA

Mark Hadley, USA

Nicholas Hampton, USA

Melanie Hevel-Olson, USA

Peter Hollenbeck, USA

Robin Judice, USA

Jean Knaack, USA

Gary W Kughn, USA

Robert Leduc, USA

Robert Lesko, USA

Craig Longhurst, USA

Stu Melby, USA

David Mitchell, USA

Kevin O\'Grattan, USA

Becca Peter, USA

Harry Prevor, USA

Donna and Thomas Shrader, USA

Thomas Sputo, USA

Chris Squires, USA

Douglas Storey, USA

Timothy Thomas, USA

Lee Troop, Australia

Doug Walgren, USA

Bob West, USA

Jack Wickens, USA

Alex Wolf-Root, USA